shantui vs caterpillar

Surprisingly, when I got the first close up look this dozer, it did not jump out at me and welcome me in Mandarin. Fortunately enough, this big girl is running a tried-and-true big-cam six-cylinder Cummins 220hp turbo-diesel engine and it runs like a clock. Word of note – you will get dusted. Becoming the world’s largest producer of bulldozers is just the latest of Shantui’s milestones. Rocks and stockpile of material were strewn across the quarry floor and it was quite apparent this old girl was a ‘daily’ and had to earn her keep while in the Sweets’ possession and care. Pulling up at about 25 tonne or so, the Shantoui certainly fits the D7/D8-ish size and is the ideal machine for this application up here in the granite. It’s a typical dozer design in the engine bay – easy daily check points to access but side and belly plate removal for the rest of the issues should and when they arise. Copyright © 2020 Are Media. Heading up the front is a well-designed blade, followed up by a good set of three-tine hydraulic rippers (pulling two), very similar to those you could find on a Komatsu Dozer of similar size. The dozer’s blade, rippers and tracks are all Komatsu D85, and with a Cummins big block and the driveline and transmission components all off-the-shelf purchases, it tends to push me to the opinion that this particular machine was a pretty savvy purchase. You can also follow our updates by liking us on Facebook. I just love getting that smell of the diesel up your nose when the turbo cuts in and puffs that gush of CO2 down your throat. Review: Mecalac MCR8 excavator/skid steer, 2019 SHANTUI DH 17 BULLDOZER WITH RIPPERS, Used Equipment review: Cat D6R Series III dozer, Review: East Wind YCT356S-S compact dozer. Never having seen one before, I was pretty keen to get a closer look at it with the possibility of running it for an hour or two. It could have been mistakenly identified as another major brand of dozer of around the D7/D8 (ish) size, so subtle was its design, and definitely not like the Chinese-manufactured farm tractors we see all over the place that clearly make a ‘made in China’ statement in design. Shantui isn’t just an assembler of dozers; it is a true manufacturing powerhouse. Roadside Assist: 0861 003 555. Fax: 604-291-1906. Privacy Statement It is as conforming as you could ever wish for and one does not require an extra bag of brains to sort this out. Do you have what it takes to be a Powerstar dealer? In a market that is traditionally dominated by premium OEMs, Chinese construction equipment manufacturer Shantui continues to rip a sizeable share of the southern African bulldozer market. Park, No.58, Highway G327 Jining City, Shandong Province, No requirement for sourcing the radio or air conditioner … cause there ain’t none! Baum Publications Ltd. The upgrades to the Shantui dozer line was identified by the New York Times as one of the primary concerns for Caterpillar's business in Russia. Phone: +27 12 940 1750 In 2009, the Shandong Heavy Industry Group was established and Shantui became one of its subsidiaries. Tucked away in a little honey hole of a property on the Border Ranges of NSW and Queensland we found this neat and tidy Chinese-manufactured Shantui 1996 model 220hp bulldozer. Highway Business Park, The Company is publicly listed on the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index, and is headquartered in Jining, Shandong Province. Sell your equipment on CAT D6 vs. Shantui SD23. “We are pleased to receive independent verification of our success,” said Richard Li, VP for International. Discussion in 'Dozers' started by pachhh34, Jan 7, 2017. pachhh34 Active Member. Your email address will not be published. Loaders For Hire | Dozers For Hire | Excavators For Hire | Forklifts For Hire | Machinery Attachments For Hire. The Cat D6R Series III dozer is a modern, reliable brush clearer. © 2020 - I’ve never heard a bad report … touch wood. Phil Sweet of Sweet’s Strawberry Runners, who just happens to supply about 30 per cent of Australia’s strawberry plants, surprisingly gave us the nod and without hesitation we decided to head up the paddock and into the quarry for a play. Address: Being given the nod and left to my own devices, I couldn’t wait to get hold of Phil to ask him the question: could this be a complete or near complete take-off of the Komatsu D85 and, if so, had he experienced any easy-to-replace Komatsu parts for Shantui? In 2010, Shantui produced two out of every five crawler-type dozers in the world, more than 10,000 units. Canada, 604-291-9900 Copyright © Ever Star Industries 2020, all rights reserved. Long the dominant dozer brand in China, its aggressive expansion and strong demand internationally have led to its leading position. I get to talk to lots of contractors and operators, and all have a favourite engine or make of dozer, which have ‘bragging rights’ for some reason or another. Whipping through the three forward speeds, the Shantui tracked spot on with slight deviations on queue when the clutches were engaged. Hi , Currently we are using Shantui SD23 but it is already about 10 yrs old and we think it is time to change as it is defecting too much. That question aside, I had my chance to crank the old girl up and give her a bit of a workout while in the quarry. Its nearest rival, Caterpillar, produced 6,400 units. - List your item for as low as $30 - Advertise your item in both print and online, Going back in time, a vintage 1957 Caterpillar D7 cable blade dozer captures Ron Horner’s attention and affection+MORE, Ron Horner tried out a Chinese-manufactured Shantui 220hp bulldozer and found it ticks plenty of boxes. A saving grace for them is that this Dozer is a take-off of the Komatsu D85 and already several major components have been integrated, transferred or replaced by Komatsu parts. Toll Free: 1-888-286-3630 A quick preheat and the old girl fired up immediately. Join us now! Shantui is a distinguished Top China Brand and a leading Chinese multinational corporation with sales in more than 120 countries and regions worldwide. In its previous life the Shantui was a logging tractor with an angle blade and winch that were quickly replaced with the current configuration. The big ‘square boofhead’ nose, the aftermarket scrub canopy and roll cage tend to hide the shape of the ‘big girl’ but it is robust and tough in looks and fits in just perfectly in this rough and rocky terrain. In China, Shantui’s name has long been synonymous with the word “bulldozer.” Today, Shantui is not only the world’s second largest maker and seller of brand name dozers, but also offers a highly diversified line of construction, road and cement handling machinery, making everything from wheel loaders and road rollers to truck cranes and motor graders, to forklifts and excavators. A daily driver; parts availability via Komatsu confirmed; cheap alternative; and performed well – there’s not much more you can want if you ask me. In 2010, Shantui surpassed US$2billion in revenue. We use cookies to enhance your experience.By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. In 2011, it started producing the first brand-name dozer made by a Chinese manufacturer to pass European and American emissions and safety standards. To the right of the big chair and at elbow height are the ripper controls – a bit sloppy but they work fine – and a full set of working gauges smack bang in the centre of the console. CN, Baum Publications Ltd. No transmission slop or fade when I engaged the clutches to get this rig off the ground; steering direct; brakes all good; and hydraulics doing exactly what they were designed for. Shantui’s line of dozers is highly diversified, with many specifically designed for swamps, deserts, highlands, power plants, forestry and landfill applications. The old girl performed really well and had no problems in pushing up the loads and spreading them to a reasonable standard, but then again any dodgy stuff-ups could have been due to lack of operator competency. Shantui produces the lion’s share of the components that go into its dozers, even supplying parts to many of its competitors. All Rights Reserved. But if you can source a set of ear plugs, a hat and some glasses, it may minimise the health effects on you by the end of a big shift. It certainly takes away the taste of the dust, frozen noses and hearing impairments that you definitely have to get used to if you are contemplating running a dozer of this era. After having a pre-conceived thought about the Chinese dozer from the 1990s era, I must say I was fairly sceptical regarding what we could derive from this little afternoon workout up here in the mountains. - The big ‘square boofhead’ nose, the aftermarket scrub canopy and roll cage tend to hide the shape of the ‘big girl’ but it is robust and tou… Our checks are done! Pushing out about 1000Nm at 1250rpm is as good as you get – anything smaller would struggle and anything larger would mean access problems through some of the gates. Email: In 2010, the Company reached the US$2billion milestone in revenue. Off-Highway Research, a leading independent construction equipment industry consultancy, compiled the … When we start talking dozers it’s is either a Caterpillar engine or a Cummins engine that rises to the top every time. Phil commented that this engine has been a godsend with nothing failing and through regular servicing and maintenance it has performed exceptionally. The range spans from the smaller SD 16, which compares with Caterpillar’s D6 model, to the larger SD 52-5, which is in the same class size as Caterpillar’s D10. A few boxes ticked already. Vancouver, BC V5M 4V8 ESI are keen to hear from interested dealers who want to be part of a grown brand. Only items of the same subtype may be compared. - Powered by - All rights reserved. The tracks look tidy and taught with signs of the track plates being rebuilt. Our combination of performance and great value is producing a winning strategy for us globally.” Global production for the same year was 24,600. Global production for the same year was 24,600. Once I climbed my way to the ‘big chair’ it all seemed so familiar … I was sitting atop a very close Komatsu D85 dozer lookalike. Shantui prides itself as China’s Value Leader in the construction machinery industry, offering a unique balance of high performance and great value. It could have been mistakenly identified as another major brand of dozer of around the D7/D8 (ish) size, so subtle was its design, and definitely not like the Chinese-manufactured farm tractors we see all over the place that clearly make a ‘made in China’ statement in design. Having run the Shantui since 1999, there have been some issues, but mostly around wear and tear. 0046 South Africa “It is gratifying to see our investments pay off so handsomely, especially in the face of established competitors. 103 Park Avenue North, Rooihuiskraal Centurion The item you are attempting to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list. Ronnie’s Road Trips tend to get me into some brilliant parts of Australia and none more stunning than the area of northern NSW and south-east Queensland. . The old girl ticked most of the boxes you could wish for and, relevant to the purchase price, I think the Sweet crew should be happy with the purchase and outcome. No wonder everyone from the truckies to the contractors love them. For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health’s website at, Shantui rips a sizeable share of the Southern African bulldozer market, Powerstar FT’s a cut above say PMB favourites, North Star Logistics buys 200 Powerstar V3 trucks for their fleet. Off-Highway Research, a leading independent construction equipment industry consultancy, compiled the statistics. Big pushes and full blades were the order of the day for me; I just had to see if it performed once in work mode as, to this point, it had all the boxes ticked. Shantui, a multinational construction equipment manufacturer based in Shandong, China says that it is now the world’s largest maker of bulldozers, and all under its own brand name. Surprisingly, when I got the first close up look this dozer, it did not jump out at me and welcome me in Mandarin.

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