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If you’ve fully embraced your quirky side, the short-scale Spaceranger could be just the ticket. SPL (sound pressure level): 110 dB (1 kHz, 1V), Impedance: 120 Ohm, Frequency response: 6-38,000 Hz, Total harmonic distortion (THD) at 1 kHz. Besides my personal dislike for the pickups on this short scale bass guitar, the rest of this short scale bass guitar is a dream. Harley Benton PB-Shorty BK Standard Series, Palissander fretboard (Dalbergia latifolia), Achterblad en zijkanten: gevlamde esdoorn, Gelamineerde esdoorn top en gelamineerde mahonie achterkant, Geschroefde esdoorn hals met grafieten versteviging en scarf joint, Sterling by Music Man StingRay SS4 MN Daphne Blue, Harley Benton Beatbass VS Vintage Ser Bundle. I started with short scale many years ago and I am going back one bass at a time. The 9.5-inch fingerboard radius provides a fast-playing, modern feel.
My Review: This Ibanez bass came as surprise to me considering it is a short scale five-string bass that is quite light easy to carry.

The lighter and smaller bass guitar bodies make them easier to play. Les Paul decided to go with a single BassBucker pickup which was a cool choice. Have fun finding your new short scale bass guitar!

Target Customer: The price of the guitar is also in the medium range and could be a great option for beginners to move on to, or for more experienced long scale bass guitarists to experiment with. This may turn some away from purchasing especially those who play live music. While its single Sidewinder 'mudbucker' (so called because of its placement close to the neck) pickup might make it a one-trick pony, that one trick is just the ticket if you’re after a thick tone with maximum fundamental. Having a lower string tension will provide the instrument with a larger sounding low register. The fretboard is also made from maple and it has 19 medium jumbo frets which are good for beginners, the radius of the fretboard is 9.5”. There are a few good places to check for the best deals on the G2220 online: The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro ¾ size bass guitar is said to be one of the best entry-level short scale bass guitars to beginners to choose from and I have to say- I disagree. It is perfect for beginners and players with smaller hands. The bridge is a fully adjustable three-point Tune-O-Matic style piece bridge. The pioneering Northern California boutique bass company Alembic has been on the leading edge of short-scale design for decades, starting with the modded Guild Starfire basses made for Jack Casady and Phil Lesh back in the late ’60s. For all the beginner musicians looking to buy the first musical instrument, this can be a perfect pick. The short scale gives the bass a cozy feel and the cutaway allow for a nice fingerboard approach. Designed by Walter Hofner in 1955, had the 30” scale length and a signature violin shape. It’s available in black, striking seafoam, and white, and sports a chambered mahogany body, Alnico Hot-10 humbuckers, and a bound maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. It’s hard for gigging musicians who need versatility to beat this package. Best Choice: P/J pickups and offset bass guitar body provide classic Fender tone and playability, Best Value: Dual pickups, ultra-short scale length and lightweight poplar body provide big sound on a tight budget, Premium Pick: Stripped-back rock machine that delivers top-notch sound and build quality, Affordable Humbucking Short Scale: Mini humbuckers and walnut neck for balanced sound and feel, Best Affordable Violin Bass: Nails the hollow-body sound and feel, from the original maker of Paul McCartney’s iconic bass, Best Gibson Alternative: A straightforward Gibson lookalike that delivers similar sound at a far more accessible price, Ultra-Cheap Beginners Bass Guitar: Straightforward controls and classic Fender tones at a bargain price, Best Lightweight Budget Bass: A smoothly contoured body for a lightweight feel with heavy tones.
Hofner-style violin basses were made famous by Paul McCartney and the Beatles. I liked it as someone accustomed to playing acoustic and electric guitars, the short scale makes it easier to play. Made from solid pieces of wood, the solid body offers greater sustain than a hollow body guitar but is somewhat heavier.

If a short scale is too far on the intonation spectrum, consider a medium scale bass as a compromise between the two. It has a bolt-on one-piece maple neck with a 28.6” scale length with 22 jumbo frets and a fretboard made out of amaranth with a 12” radius and Pearloid sharkfin inlays. By This is THE best short scale bass I've tried relative to the price point. Legends of the low-end pay tribute, How bass amps have evolved over the past 30 years, Jah Wobble on his 5 essential bass albums. Scale Length: 30”. Basses with a mahogany body can be expensive. But, it’s not just smaller musicians who prefer a more compact design, many bass players love them.

It’s great for upfront bass tones in fusion, jazz and even rock music. Thankfully, the pickups installed on the GSRM20, J-style and P-style pickups, don’t damage the sound of the instrument.

Eén van uw filters filtert zo goed, dat er geen producten gevonden zijn. If you compared the open E, let’s say, of 34"-scale and 30" scale basses on a spectrum analyzer (a piece of test equipment that visualizes the overtones), you’d observe a substantial difference, notably that the shorter-scale bass has lower amplitudes in its higher overtones. The hardware is in chrome.

The scale length is 30.5”. Fretboard: Jatoba, 22 medium-jumbo frets In the early days of electric basses, some of Fender’s competitors like Gibson sold basses with shorter scale lengths. Key Specs and Features: The body is a smaller size according to the shorter scale neck made out of poplar which is quite light and it gives the bass a warm tone with good presence. Target Customer: The Eastwood Arline Map bass is perfect for advanced players that love to play those Motown bass lines.

Key Specs and Features: The designers have tried to keep as close as they could to the old vintage violin bass bringing us the slightly modern version of it. By lowering the tension, short-scale basses tend to feel easier. Chords, long stretches, and other taxing techniques are easier to pull off thanks to the closer confines. It great warmth and clarity that just takes you back in time. These pickups combine aspects of both single-coils and traditional humbuckers. While the pitches are the same, the harmonics are different.

We are not sponsored, endorsed or influenced, all opinions expressed are the result of direct experience or extensive research. The poplar gives the bass a fat meaty tone.

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