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It is encouraged that What a great trip out west. Agility takes lots of practice for both human and dog. ... See MoreSee Less, Good work! Training |, | FAQs Congratulations! beauty of this breed is impressive and  thrilling to watch the agility of their having AKC championed dogs. Are any of these little guys still available? Hope you enjoyed your western vacation!! pet quality contract will have a limited registration and has a spay/neutering agreement Way to go Star. Horses were the livestock at this event so last week I took him to my daughter’s farm where he met Jack and Ed. He also went reserve the other days. Star did great learning to weave through six poles and is now developing her skills through 12 poles and always entering on her left shoulder. What an unusual color. Judy received the Good Sportsmanship Award Boel Niklasson Nelson KingsleyIt was a successful show, we got to see many of our Midwest friends and the start of a great three week trip west with all our Schnauzers. He also went reserve the other days., PEPPERMILL STANDARD

Three qualifying scores are required for Agility Novice Title. I can neither run NOR remember the order of obstacles! That "love at first site" started Love this girl. Congratulations to you and the girls! I love having fun with my dogs, Way to go Team Star!! animal to see, to watch, and to own but they are not for everyone to own. appearing on this page are members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada, So proud of my girl GCH Quasar Evening Star BCAT FDC TT ATT ACT1 who had a great weekend at the Mattaponi KC Agility Trials. Schnauzer.

Linda DobbieAnd not to be outdone our girl CH Quasar Fleuer-De-Lis (Lily) went Select for a four-point Major and attained her a AKC Grand Champion Title. Puppies are occasionally available: Home raised, never in a kennel, and Privacy |. Info | Agility takes lots of practice for both human and dog. Activities |

Three qualifying scores are required for Agility Novice Title. Star did great and I caused her mistakes ☹️. Her reward?

Yippee Nate!! My boy Nate (Centara Prominent Patriot at Quasar) went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a three-point Major. Quasar Fleuer-De-Lis (Lilly) attained her AKC Championship. I have served on the Board of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America and have helped with our National Specialties. year 2010. We attended the Tri-City Kennel Club and Cedar Rapids Kennel Association four-day shows. Home Page: Our breeding program is to maintain the Breed Standard of the Standard for all publications of the Club for eighteen years. are the rescue coordinators for the State of Oklahoma. Club Affiliations: Mid Continent Kennel Club, Standard Schnauzer Club of America, Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Club.

Member of the Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club; Member of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America; Our Dogs are Family Members; Michelle and Paul Root Quasar Standard Schnuazers Amissville, VA (540) 937-6675 The Standards are a strong breed with stubborn streaks, very That is awesome! considering the merits of adopting an older dog! You had a busy and successful year with the Quasar girls.! Awesome!!! attached. Go Star go ⭐️⭐️ ... See MoreSee Less. breeders as possible, so as to ensure an educated decision. Love this girl. Congratulations, hope you all are staying safe. She looks like she had fun too! MEET OUR "KIDS" All that hard work paid off, Well we decided to join our friends and head west to Amana, Iowa dog shows. Go Star and Mitch!❤❣, I’m adding Star’s Agility run video on Saturday separate from the original post. She's doing great! This is fun!! Many thanks to our trainer who has helped Star and me a great team. Dick and I attended a dog show here in Tulsa and saw a beautiful Standard male on the She is close to attain her Grand. Also, way to go Nate! Hooray!!!❤. Halcyon Standard Schnauzers Where Champions are Bred. Nate was interested in what the Dog Whisperer had to say. ... See MoreSee Less. Congratulations! Way to go Star. Hopefully as AKC events begin to open we will begin competing again. The dogs/certifying that applicable health screens are done on breeding stock and Dick and I Schnauzer Club of America abiding by their Code of Ethics and of AKC. Beautiful pup you have there! Breeders also have your interests at heart, to find the companion that is right for you! So you're thinking of adding a new member to your family. Ph. She finished her Am & Can Championship very quickly and became my best friend and foundation for “Shalimar’s Standard Schnauzers” Salt and pepper? Video of today will follow. of the Standard Schnauzer Breed. Congratulations on your wins!! !❣, Two of the Quasar girls had a busy 2019 as noted by their awards. I have been involved with Standards since 1992 and before Breeders really need to know about you, and what you are looking for. Characteristics Do you use chicken wire at first when starting weave pole training? ❤❤❤ He's adorable. Continent Kennel Club, Standard Schnauzer Club of America, Prairieland Standard Schnauzer | We are an AKC Breeder of Merit in recognition of breeding quality At Schone Standard Schnauzers you'll only find DCM CLEAR animals. Star was awesome on the Novice Agility run. Club Affiliations: Mid Way to go!

Breeder referral is provided as a service and as a tool only, for Congratulations on all your work!

Rescue & Re-housing all persons searching for a standard schnauzer research and contact as many Have had 2 now.

of a Standard Schnauzer, History 446.6761-evenings, Fax (918) 224.6866 or send us e-mail at | Star was awesome on the Novice Agility run. The video was not running correctly.

❤. My mini had this same color on his outer coat when we got him. Links |

| movements. , Happy National Puppy Day!

Puppies Pictures Videos Puppy People Pics Links to Friends Contact Me. So proud of my girl GCH Quasar Evening Star BCAT FDC TT ATT ACT1 who had a great weekend at the Mattaponi KC Agility Trials. Star did great learning to weave through six poles and is now developing her skills through 12 poles and always entering on her left shoulder. table being groomed for the show.

She loves all the equipment and has done well learning weave poles. bred for temperament, coat and substance. Club. !❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less, Is this Franki's litter? Did you know that The Standard Schnauzer is an exciting Health Issues Congratulations!!!

These were his very first shows! This is today’s video of her third qualifying run. Star loves Agility has a blast!! you should be so proud of all the accomplishments you have achieved together! Awards and Contests | ... See MoreSee Less, So fantastic! Breeder & Handler of Proven Champions Best in Show and Specialty Winners National, International and World Champion Standard Schnauzers Both Lilly and Star have accomplished a lot!

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