stevens 555 vs tristar

Stevens makes use of a more traditional gold front bead, while the Tristar Trinity is tipped with a red fiber optic front sight. My brother and I do quite a bit of wing shooting and when we saw the Stevens 555 on sale we snatched a couple. I too bought a Stevens 555 28 Ga. a few days ago; I have yet to shoot it. All Rights Reserved, Battle of the Budgets: Stevens 555 vs. Tristar Trinity. Bonus: The Stevens 555 comes with five tubes (C, IC, M, IM and F) and also is available in a 20-gauge version weighing in at 5½ pounds with a 26-inch barrel. Both are covered in an oil finish. They have multiple pros (well balanced, quick pointing and offer choke differences between each barrel), and only one major con (they can be expensive). 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Appearance: The shotgun features Turkish walnut stock and fore-end, engraved receiver, chrome-lined steel barrels with a blued finish. In my location, a 28ga on local gun classifieds or in the retail store are as rare as hen’s teeth and despite driving all over multiple states was only able to hold and try 3 different guns. 5. The Tristar includes SK, IC, M, IM, F, while the Stevens includes Cyl, IC, M, IM, and F. All are Beretta/Benelli Mobil-style tubes, and both guns pack the chokes in a mini-hard case with a wrench. Location: Denison Texas on the banks of Texhoma. low cost gun's. Getting into the sub-gauges requires moving to the Trinity LT model, which can then be had in .410 bore, 28-, 20-, and 12- gauges. Takeanother eighty bucks off for the points and gift certificates I have, and we're down to $500. It's a little lighter than I would like but it shoots where it's aimed and it shoots every time. Still like the gun, in fact, it probably gets used more than any of my guns except a 28ga Weatherby. The Stevens 555 and 555E are available in .410 bore as well as 28-, 20-, 16-, and 12-gauges. Overall, the Franchi is nice for a field gun. So in a couple of years we give it to the kid and he shoot's the h*ll out of it for the rest of his life! Get more:, Price: $639 to $669 Stevens Model 555 Shotgun Review Stevens firearms have been going strong for 150 years. Features: This gun is for the small-frame shooter or youth. “Stevens (or rather KOFS) managed to equip the 555 E with a more-than-decent trigger.” I think I made it pretty clear that this is a Turkish gun. Now, I have some questions "slightly" off the subject at hand. 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While the Stevens is marked as being manufactured at KOFS, Turkey, the Tristar Trinity stampings indicate its conception at Kayhan/Khan, Turkey. 7. by American Rifleman Staff - Cheap O/Us tend to cause more grief thas not. Unless you're only going to shoot once or twice for a hunting gun...Tried using it for ducks and it was just painful. Post subject: Re: How good is the Stevens 555 o/u? Save your money a purchase a good quality shotgun. It had a better fit for me than the other Turkish guns I I've shot skeet mostly and a little sporting and 5 stand. Saw a ATI Cavalry 20ga for $400 and liked the 28ga so much thought I would give it a try. The main They never seen to ask twice for my loaner. Tristar Hunter Ex. For this comparison, we’re using the Stevens Model 555E in 16-gauge with 28-inch barrels against the new-for-2020 Tristar Trinity in 16-gauge with the same 28-inch barrel set. They have a firing pin warning such that one is to watch and make sure the pins are retracted before closing the action. Get more:, © National Wild Turkey Federation. Just wondering what experience anybody has had with these two affordable O/U shotguns. The Stevens 555 over/under is a perfect example. They are light but well balanced. Each company offers some combination of 26- and 28- inch barrels depending on chambering. Mine has a blued receiver that I prefer over silver one and it has very nice wood. But no issues so far. Tristar also builds a Trinity LT model that uses a lighter-weight aluminum alloy frame, but the alloy-framed LT does not come in a 16-gauge model. It is made by KOFS, Ltd., in Isparta, Turkey, and imported by Savage Arms. To that end, both Stevens and Tristar aim to please. Reveiw 28ga Savage Stevens 555 28ga Silver, ... kqIPfmrTIU, It is currently Thu Nov 05, 2020 11:00 am. I thought about trading a gun for one but i am done with low end doubles for a while. Does it have a 26" barrel? The Trinity retails for $685 with online prices at $544. If you are experiencing difficulties posting in the Buy/Sell/Trade subforums of TFL, please read the "sticky" announcement threads at the top of the applicable subforum. Legacy "Pointer"-- heavy which can be decent for a duck gun; action was so tight you couldn't open it almost on all guns I saw. The 12-gauge version is available with 28- or 26-inch barrels and has a 3-inch chamber. Made in Turkey, albeit in different factories, the Tristar and Stevens O/Us show more similarities than differences. Compared to some other 28s I have, I feel the recoil is decidedly on the stout side. Bonus: The Condor Field also is available in full-size 12, 20, 28 and .410 models: They are priced the same as the youth version. Mods, forgive me if this taboo, but this is the information guys are asking about. Both guns joined us for a quick shoot and although there weren't a ton of birds, both of us were able to shoot several shells. Both guns functioned great and my buddy could not stop talking about the weight and feel of the 28ga, I wouldn't be surprised if he purchases one within the next week. To that end, both Stevens and Tristar aim to please. Some hunt with 12-gauges, but many favor the subs with options in 28-, 20-, and 16-gauge. They come topped with the standard matted ventilated rib. Where the alloy Stevens comes in at 6.45-pounds, the Tristar is slightly heavier at 6.7-pounds. SKB 505 or 585 should be $1000-1200 not sure what your price range is? Features: The 12-gauge weighs 6 pounds and has a 28-inch barrel. I am in the same situation as toasty stated, in that I'm looking for a 28 ,,,I received a gift cert for I'm thinking 555, Weatherby SA-08, or upgrade to a a Dickinson (3x the cost)...20 gauge has been typically my go to, but I like the idea of a 5-6 lb. The Stevens 555 is light and handles fast, thanks to a lightweight aluminum receiver. The single trigger O/U, with its conveniently placed manual safety with barrel selector, offers top-notch performance. eastbank. After a sickening amount of research, came home with a Steven’s 555 silver at Cabelas for just under 6 bills with a coupon. Have not shot it a lot due to weather but it is a nice little shotgun. Looks good hanging on your wall, but you won't be happy if you take it down and try an shoot it. I don't own one but a good friend owns two. Trying to compare apples to apples, I compare it to my Ruger Red Label 28 and Remington 1100 skeet 28. Don't remember exactly but I know I paid right around $500 for it. The sights, though minor, are one of the only outwardly visual digressions between the two scatterguns. These are made (or distributed) by Kofs in turkey which is somehow linked with Dehaan. Start doing a internet search for the two guns, there should be a lot of feedback on them. He stated that he has had no problems reported to him about this gun. Aside from that build difference, the similarities between these two guns are eerie for shotties coming out of different Turkish factories. it take work. Copyright Complaints: Please direct DMCA Takedown Notices to the registered agent: The Dave McCracken Memorial Shotgun Forum, Won't be many grins if it's too cheap and breaks often though........maybe a nice used semi in 28. This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Taking it one step farther, the Stevens 555 blued model with fewer frills carries an MSRP of $679 while the Trinity LT has an MSRP of $685 to $700. The one major functional difference lies in spent shell removal. Here's where I'm going. Toasty, I agree with DWT. Get the American Hunter Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. ... -enhanced/, It is currently Thu Nov 05, 2020 11:00 am. As it appears the shotgun in the upper portion of your photograph is your Benelli, what is its weight? Stay in the know. The 1100 is hands-down the lightest in the recoil department, but also the heaviest of the three. i have been offered 400.00 more than i paid for it the first day i had it on the trap range by a follow shooter for his wife. Both show a well-above-average figure for more budget-friendly guns. As are a huge percentage of budget-priced shotguns on the market today under brands like Stevens, Mossberg, Weatherby, TriStar, Stoeger, CZ …

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