the inpatient how to become a wendigo

Refer to. Follow this bright light to discover the memory, thus earning the trophy. What happened? In addition to that, they are known to be able to mimic a person’s voice. Pick the two dialogue choices on the right side: “I just want to go home” > “I’ll Say Nothing”. The key for the trophy is to make him trust you. It is believed that the human being that turned into a wendigo remains inside it, around the heart area of the creature which now might have become 14 feet tall or more. After the film plays the trophy will pop. In the early part of the game you will see this memory. A prequel to Until Dawn, The Inpatient VR is a choice-based psychological horror that places you in the shoes of an amnesiac patient. He will then transform into a Wendigo and kill you, thus ending the game and unlocking this trophy. Then you’ll trigger the police talk. Your cell mate has fallen victim to the Wendigo curse. To kill Ted, you must make the following decisions throughout the game: You can meet Victor at the very end of the game in the elevator to the cable car. Following the credits you will find yourself at a desk with a police officer in front of you. Follow these steps to get rid of everyone (not the recommended method): This causes you to become a Wendigo at the end of the game. By keeping still at the 'Don't Move!' The screen will go black, and the trophy will pop. for how to become a wendigo. After the credits, you’ll wake up in a police interrogation room. Eat the cockroach that your cell mates offers to you. You have to make it out alive via the cable car to trigger the police scene and then this sequence. You can move forward to 'chase' them and you will receive this trophy In your cell there is a calendar on the wall to the right of the door. In order to kill Suzanne, you have to make David not trust you, so simply follow the path for “Blood On Your Hands”, but always select the opposite answer. Then press the button that activates the cable car. When you’re in front of the cable car (very end of story), talk to Ted and choose the dialogues “I’m not a Monster” > “No. Follow the path for “Lowest Ebb” and turn into the Wendigo. This will unlock very early in the game. Below is a list of things that you should keep in mind while taking the wendigo path: You collected all Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies in The Inpatient, You stayed behind to operate the cable car, You chased down Hannah and Beth Washington. You have to do this 3 times before the officer gives up. Simply choose the, After you and your roommate hear a wendigo banging at the door and you black out, you will wake up to your roommate offering you a cockroach. You don't need to interact with it, simply move as close as you can to the calendar and look at it for a moment, to ensure the game registers the action. You are now done with this run. In the next dream, when you reach the point where there is a wolf and a rabbit waiting at the end of the hall, head left and follow the wolf. Make sure to get all of them during one of your 2 playthroughs so you don’t have to come back for them. Refer to the third Stage in the Roadmap for how to become a wendigo. During first dream (the one with the jump scare): Take the path on the right, follow the guy in front of you. Reload your game once more after getting both trophies to make sure that David and Suzanne survive. His fate is set, as you may remember the location from Bragg's postmortem appearance in Until Dawn. prompt, both Suzanne and David will survive this encounter. The trophy pops right when the window breaks. Refer to. It does not matter what you say in the first dialogue option after this. While crossing the courtyard a Wendigo attacks you. Pick the two dialogue choices on the left side: “You murdered them. Thirdly, reach the police interrogation room again and keep resisting. Next up you have to make sure that Victor the hotel janitor survives in order to unlock “Unhinged”. After following David down the hall, you will meet up with the nurses Suzanne and Bragg in his office. After the lift stops at level 1, do not operate the lift and wait for the wendigo, who will pull Victor out of the lift and kill him. You must respond with, To get this trophy you must be turning into a wendigo. When you enter the elevator the police will appear and begin shooting. Then at the end of the game, in front of the cable car, the survivors will realise you are slowly turning into a Wendigo. This is the room where you will meet David, so once you spot it (and before you enter it), quit the game and make your backup save. To get this trophy you must be turning into a wendigo. Then you walk back into your room again and the window breaks, thus ending the dream section. Welcome to the The Inpatient VR Trophy Guide! When you meet David for the first time he jumps at you from behind a wall armed with a piece of wood. When you meet David follow these choices: Follow him through the corridor until he stops. After following the steps to become a wendigo, there will be a sequence where you wake to find your roommate gone and the cell door open. Unmissable story trophy, cannot be missed. He can’t grow suspicious of you. When you approach Ted in the side room near the controls, he will confront you and tell you that because you are turning into a wendigo you cannot leave the mountain. The choices you listed will make him not trust you which blocks the trophy…. While some people suggest wendigoes can be killed by burning some say they could only be killed using silver weapons. This trophy is best attempted in your human run, although being a human or wendigo is not important as you can still send these three people off the mountain via. Make Suzanne sacrifice herself during the courtyard scene, Let David get shot by not operating the lift fast enough, Let Victor get pulled out of the lift by not operating it fast enough, Turn into the Wendigo and decline Ted’s offer at the end of the game. On a side note, another version of the myth suggests that humans who are extremely greedy can turn into wendigoes themselves. To receive this trophy you must have turned into a wendigo at the end of your playthrough. The word ‘wendigo’ means ‘evil spirit that eats humans’ according to some interpretations while it might simply mean ‘cannibal’ according to others. A more complicated but also possible alternative is to kill everyone by yourself in a run where you succumbed to temptation. Killing it takes much more than just stabbing it in the heart. According to the myths, there are two ways of turning into a wendigo; being in contact with a wendigo for a long period of time and consuming human flesh.Native Americans believed that Just stand there looking at the button for about 30 seconds and then guards will come up from the elevator and shoot everybody to death. You must be turning into a wendigo for this trophy. About halfway through the game you meet a group of survivors, one of them being Bragg (the doctor who was treating you at the start of the game). This will give you the Wendigo Curse. At this point you can volunteer to stay behind by talking to Ted at the cable car station. No matter whether you opt to side with Suzanne or not, Bragg has decided to stay behind. Your email address will not be published. This is at around 40% story progress (1 hour into the game). 7 Interesting Facts About Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Learn About the Meaning of an Eight Pointed Star, Learn More About Aesculapius: The Roman God of Health.

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