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You may wonder which of the many deliverables produced during a research project should be included in a public portfolio. But what exactly does the hiring team wish to see? Personal projects can also show research skills: conducting independent research or preparing heuristic analyses of existing products showcase your thought process. First: What is a case study? 97% of the people who responded to our survey said that they regularly needed to communicate these ideas to a larger group. Fantastic! As the global user-experience community grows and matures, we expect that it will be increasingly important for job applicants to present their research skills and past work. Which ones are implicit (read between the lines)? But as a researcher, you may wonder what exactly belongs in your portfolio. Many of the researchers that I talk with feel pressured to create visually stunning portfolios, even if their work does not usually involve interface and graphic design. We help you create a UX research portfolio, providing templates to present your methods. What are the hiring managers’ values and priorities? Show that you understand how to apply your research and how to extract tangible insights  from it. Because UX research is a subset of the broader field of UX, a research-focused portfolio should adopt the general formatting, structure, and content that hiring managers are accustomed to seeing. As someone said earlier, a deck of research findings might be relevant. Your research skills help you carry out your day-to-day responsibilities and your communication skills ensure that your research has an impact. If you get a job doing UX research, chances are high you’ll need to make a deck at some point. Emphasize the professional work that you have done and how you contribute to a team. What platforms and programs are you already familiar with? Clearly state your role in the project and explain which parts you were directly responsible for. You’ve got your bio and case studies written. Don’t underestimate the importance of giving your reader context, revealing your process, and showing the direct results and impact of your work! A hiring manager, industry peer, or conference organizer may be more invested in reading than the average person browsing the internet, but you should still try to make a strong impression quickly. Another great resource for inspiration is Bestfolios, the largest curation of best UX research and designer portfolios, resumes, case studies and design resources. Your future work as a researcher will often involve collaborating with user-interface designers, developers, project managers, content teams, and many others — demonstrating that you have worked closely with a large group in the past is valuable proof that you can work well with a crossfunctional team. Building a portfolio of student, personal, or volunteer projects shows the type of skills that you will need in this field. We have been trying to fill a UX research role for 4 months and when I get a UX research resume with a portfolio it's often a red flag of a designer trying to find any UX job possible. In her “New cancer patient orientation guide” case study, We especially like the concision and visual elements in. Show outputs. While UX research falls under the umbrella of UX design, there is an increasing demand for UX professionals with a specialized focus in key areas of the design process—and research is one of these rising stars. Even if your past clients feel the need to keep the work confidential, they may be happy to speak highly of your skills. There are many experienced professionals—such as David Travis, Sarah Doody, and Ran Segall—who share portfolio reviews. We recommend including the following artifacts directly from your past studies: We recommend including the following artifacts used to communicate research findings: Portfolios should clearly communicate the context of the research that you have conducted. The final thing I look for is something the researcher is passionate about. The hiring manager asked you to prepare your research portfolio for the onsite interview. What should go in a UX research portfolio? Also, explain how you presented your research findings for stakeholders. Subscribe to our Alertbox E-Mail Newsletter: The latest articles about interface usability, website design, and UX research from the Nielsen Norman Group. What skills and qualities are explicitly stated? It should evolve just as you and your work evolve over time. There are, however, common strategies for selecting portfolio pieces I share with aspiring researchers and those hoping to transition to another company: A key thing I look for during UX research interviews is impact. We’ll also give you a step-by-step guide (with examples!) 2019-03-10 You’ve worked hard for the past few years, and you know your work is amazing. Companies value hands-on experience and the ability to extract value from research. But you’re not ready to send your portfolio out into the world just yet. Once again, it’s time to do your research. A weekly, ad-free newsletter that helps designers stay in the know, be productive, and think more critically about their work. What’s the difference between a UX design portfolio and a UX research portfolio? Show studies that were conducted independently, as well as projects that were conducted as part of a long-term team initiative. Seek feedback on your portfolio from peers and mentors to learn where you can improve. Researchers are not typically the same people who are pushing pixels (design), committing code (dev), or directing the ship (PM) — so they need to take additional steps to show how their work influenced the product. Show the output of your work wherever possible in a visually appealing way. Your portfolio isn’t a one-and-done project! 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The first step in the process is to do what a UX researcher does best: research.

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