what happened to sun wukong rwby

One day, a stiff breeze blew upon the rock and caused a fully formed monkey to burst forth from its stone face. He begins hanging on a post when two cops demand that he comes down. At some point, he moved to Mistral to attend Haven Academy. He was reckless, mischevious, daringly irresponsible but undeniably earnest. And when I woke up, the pain was still, but I felt my presence was completely different. Behind the Scenes, Sun was born in the kingdom of Vacuo, into a nomadic clan along with his older cousin, Starr Sanzang, and has since forgotten his parents' faces. (n.d.). He also made an enormous banner to taunt the Emperor. Sun then escorts Blake to the ballroom, and later dances with her, after Yang had danced with Blake as well. After winning the fight, he and Neptune celebrate their team's victory. "The power is back, maybe it is possible. When Weiss asks the two of them what they will wear, Sun says that he would be wearing his normal clothing, bringing up that in Vacuo they do not wear ties. Later on, Sun and Neptune enter a library, where Team RWBY and JNPR are present. That was right in front of me. Accessed on . One of the seven ancient monsters that shook the heavenly system was slowly cooling down in front of my eyes. Outside Beacon's dining hall, Sun is talking to Neptune Vasilias about how he met Blake and his fight with the White Fang. Each of his hairs have transformative powers, and he can magically manipulate wind, water and fire as well. But if you want, take it with your hand.". I lost consciousness in the heat of the pain and power that seemed to dissolve even now. Image Gallery A Sea Feilong attacks, and both join with the ship crew to defeat it. "I knew your will and hatred. Sūn Wùkōng’s name is comprised of the characters for “grandson” (孫), “awakened” (悟) and “space”(空). Later, while having a drink with Blake, he listens to her story of being a White Fang operative. In a final act of defiance, Wukong ate all of the peaches in the garden. Sun Wukong would play servant to no one—least of all a human. The Monkey King's victory forced the Jade Emperor to acknowledge his power. I put my hand in his body without any hesitation. Hamilton, Mae. After the Giant Nevermore breaks into the stadium and is defeated, he is among the students that choose to fight the battle rather than flee. I may be qualified to lead the rest.". Hamilton, Mae. Impossible!’ said the Patriarch. After Weiss reprimands Blake for confiding in Sun rather than them, she informs Sun that she is still wary of him. As an ever-growing archive, our mission is to catalog the world’s mythology on the web for all to enjoy.

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