when does hank find out about walt

Hank meets with Steven Gomez and ASAC George Merkert at the DEA office. Despite Walt's pleas, Hank was shot and killed moments later in execution style by Jack Welker. Is there any specific event where Hank begins to think Walt is Heisenberg? Appearances in Better Call Saul Marie Schrader (widow)Skyler White (sister-in-law)Walter White (brother-in-law) †Walter White Jr. (nephew)Holly White (niece) Once transferred to El Paso, Hank has a hard time fitting in with his new co-workers. Hank and Walt are then shown in his bedroom, discussing the files. On several occasions, he irritably corrected people (especially Marie) when they referred to this activity as "rock collecting" ("Thirty-Eight Snub"). When Walter Jr. asks Hank about the Boetticher case, he states that he's no longer looking into it. During his interrogation of Wendy, she recognizes Hank from his earlier encounter with her when he tried to scare Walter Jr. into not doing drugs and she decides to vouch for Jesse's story. The plan works and Walt rushes to where his money is buried, as Hank, Jesse and Gomez follow not far behind. Once he gets home, Hank buys some time, takes off of work, and starts building a case at home before he confronts Walt with what he knows. He shows Walt the gift his colleagues gave him during the party: Tuco's grill encased in a lucite cube. Jesse nervously approaches the meeting point and spots Walt sitting on a bench. Hank is later seen having dinner with the Whites, giving dating advice to Walter Jr. After a stern voicemail left by ASAC Merkert informs Hank that the folks in Texas are "breathing down his neck," Hank follows up on the tweaker's lead. "Very," Hank confirms. Hank wonders why a low-rider was left behind before finding some meth behind the stereo ("...and the Bag's in the River"). Later, Hank and Marie invite the Whites over for a barbecue. Hank is mocked behind his back in by his co-workers in Spanish, mentioning that his promotion was nothing more than politics. He realizes that Walt buried the money somewhere in the desert and is unaware that his van didn't have GPS as he didn't procure the van himself. When Hank finds out about Walt he’s got severe hatred for Walt as a person and everything he stands for. Marie later joyfully informs Hank that he'll soon be released, as a hospital bed and the equipment necessary for physical therapy have been installed in their home. Later on, during a family poker game, Hank admits that they only found pot in his car, saying that he would nonetheless lose his job and serve time in county jail. He struggles in pain to take another step and forces the lesson to be cut short. After Gus leaves, Hank's colleagues seem convinced. Hank meets Marie at the elevator and proceeds to break down, composing himself before the door opens. Status Meanwhile, Hank spots a bullet dropped by Marco as he was looking for him and loads it into Leonel's gun. Unfortunately, this is short lived as Hank is almost immediately caught in a gunfight with Jack and his gang, whom Walt had called to rescue him, leaving him wounded and defeated. Back at the DEA office, Hank admits to assaulting Jesse, refusing to amend any statements on placing himself or the department in a better light. (I think part of his anger towards Walt is redirected anger towards himself, because he was too blind to see what was going on right before his eyes). Jesse, furious at Walt for other reasons, forges an uneasy alliance with Hank, and Hank allows Jesse to stay at his house, seeing him as his only option of bringing Walt down and refuses to risk his safety by putting him in DEA protection. Hank agrees and Saul adds on that he wants Krazy-8's identity as a snitch protected. Walter Jr. asks him if everyone in a wheelchair or crutches should be in a hospital before asking "Should I be in a hospital?" Hank's experience at Juarez has a profound effect on him and is shortly after sent back to Albuquerque. Hank was caught off guard when Walt ended his speech on a depressing note. Hank diverts his attention to Jesse, whose car and money he found at the shack. He asks Walt if he could drive him to a mineral show the next day, to which Walt agrees. Marie interrupts, and asks if having Jesse there will be bad for Walt. There, he stumbles upon a wounded Tuco, from whom Walt and Jesse have just escaped captivity. During Gomez's farewell party, Hank gives him a statuette of Jesús Malverde after learning of his importance back in El Paso. Hank went in to Walt's house to take a dump and looked in Walt's basket of books to read and picks up the copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass that Gale Boetticher gave Walt when they began working together. The three then formulate a plan: Hank buys a barrel matching the ones Walt used for his money, and with the help of Jesse fills it up with some money and buries it in his backyard in an area similar to desert terrain, thus simulating the real barrels. Hank is joking about the odd personality displayed in Gale's notes, stating "it's like Scarface had sex with Mr. Hank tells her that he can't return until Jesse gives him a lead. After Hank escapes, Marco frees Leonel, who tells him to finish off Hank. He then tells her to get lost and mentions that he'll bust her if he sees her working here again. He is later mourned by his sister-in-law, nephew and widow (and, presumably, all his fellow DEA agents) after Walt takes credit for the deed in order to help clear Skyler from his criminal activities. He quotes Hank by stating "Good guys never get ink like the bad guys do." Some time later, Hank sends Marie to speak with Skyler but after a short but tense confrontation, he leaves with Marie who now also sees what Walt has done to her sister and he stops her from kidnapping Holly. Hank thanks him and heads down to meet his co-workers for lunch, but on the elevator down, he begins to suffer a panic attack, only managing to compose himself shortly before exiting. Hank asks Marie to check the boxes for damage, to which she replies, "They're rocks!" Hank informs him that Walt is his brother-in-law and is currently fighting lung cancer. He met Marie in high school and asked her out repeatedly until she finally agreed. He was Hank’s buddy and they had dinner together all the time. He claims that this has killed him, and that this is the last nail in the coffin. The first was the gun battle with Tuco Salamanca, as Hank was trying to track down Walt after his mysterious disappearance. As the two head out another day for the farm once more, Hank tells Walt to take a different direction and instead tells him to drive to a local industrial laundromat. They are on s5e4. When it is Hank's turn to speak, he explains through a baseball metaphor that Walt should take the money Elliott Schwartz offered him, briefly changing his mind when Marie mentions that Walt should do whatever he wants to do, believing that Walt has the right to die like a man ("Gray Matter"). Hank notices that the inside cover was signed by "G.B." Hope this answers your question. Relationships Fondly G.B." Full name Gomez tells Hank to let it go, as there's no solid evidence to charge him with the crime. Gus refills Hank's soda and offers to pay for any future meals, even offering Walter Jr. a job if he were to ever be interested. Both Hank and Steve's deaths were avenged by Walt, who kills Jack in the same manner that he killed Hank and kills his entire crew as well ("Felina"). He asks Marie, "Since when do vegans eat fried chicken?" He then enters the interrogation room where Jesse remains silent ("Buried"). Merkert tells his family that Hank was attacked by two cartel hitman and, despite being shot four times, managed to kill one and critically wound the other. Hank pays Skyler a visit to ask why she doesn't return any of Marie's phone calls. Hank has shown himself to be a good law enforcement agent and competent investigator who was able to expose Gustavo Fring for what he truly was. He describes these "new players" as having a high skill set. Hank arrives to work after the arrest of Krazy-8, complaining to Gomez about Marie. After Saul (Bob Odenkirk) refuses to hand over the money to Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) granddaughter, Jesse basically throws his money away, tossing it out his car window onto random doorsteps. Hank closes the garage door, enraged, and punches Walt in the face, shouting his knowledge of Walt's true criminal nature and vows to put him under the jail. The two of them deduce that a mobile lab caught fire and the culprits bailed. Hank even peers at the surveillance video of the methylamine precursor theft, and the grainy figures now clearly resolve into Walt and Jesse ("Blood Money"). After a brief exchange of insults, Saul mentions that they are only after Badger looking to find "bigger fish." Age Hank, feeling the encounter was a waste of his time, jokes that he at least "didn't shit himself this time," ("Face Off"). George Merkert, Hank's boss, gets forced out as ASAC and the job given to Hank after the unheard success of his fixation with Gus. Hank, still bedridden, meets with Tim Roberts. He simply couldn't even imagine that his geeky book-smart brother-in-law would be capable of being Heisenberg. Without saying a word, Hank closes the garage door (rather creepily) and punches Walt in the face before telling him what he’s discovered. Gus continued by stating that Gale reconnected with him and, after inviting him over for dinner, offered a business proposal to him that he promptly declined. Jesse and Mike use the bug to plan their next big move which is to sell their methylamine to Declan. During the game, Walt puts all his chips in, causing Hank to fold. EDIT: looks like some people got pissed. At the DEA office, Hank asks his co-workers for donations to fund Walt's surgery. After a brief anxiety attack in the bathroom of a bar, he returns to his car to stash his gun before going back to the bar. Instead, Walt tells Hank that his experiences with his lung cancer have helped him to overcome his fears of everyday life. I'll heat up lasagna." c. 1966 Hank suggests that things will go easier for Jesse if he agrees to act as a witness. Luckily, all Hank needed from the crash was a neck brace. Boisterous and outspoken by nature, Hank can sometimes come off as rude or insensitive to the viewer or to other characters. First Hank tells his boss, ASAC George Merkert, that nobody has yet to replace the meth-supply void created by Tuco's death, though the name "Heisenberg" is being tossed around. After revealing he has a 'history with Jesse, Hank says that he doesn't think Jesse was the murderer. Hank and other members of the APD and DEA questioning Gus.

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