where did hurricane john hit

[38], Moisture from the remnants of John combined with an approaching cold front to produce moderate amounts of rainfall across the southwest United States, including a total of 8 inches (200 mm) in Whitharral[39] and more than 3 inches (75 mm) in El Paso, Texas. By crossing into the western Pacific, John also became a typhoon and was referred to as Typhoon John during its time in the western Pacific. As the 11th storm to make landfall in the continental US, Zeta will set a record higher than the nine storms that hit … The hurricane threatened large portions of the western coastline of Mexico, resulting in the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. John formed during the 1994 Pacific hurricane season, which had above-average activity due to the El Niño of 1994–95,[1] and peaked as a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir–Simpson scale, the highest categorization for hurricanes. [27] Just weeks after a major flood in the area, officials evacuated hundreds of citizens in Las Presas in northern Mexico area near a dam. [7], Clearing Johnston Atoll, John turned to the northwest and began strengthening again as shear decreased. Temporary shelters were also set up near Acapulco. However, the trough was rapidly pulling apart John's structure, and the cold waters of the northern central Pacific were not conducive to a tropical cyclone. The storm slowly weakened from its peak as a Category 5 hurricane in the face of increasing shear, dropping down to a Category 1 hurricane with 90 miles per hour (145 km/h) maximum winds. [24] The state of Michoacán was on a yellow alert, the middle of a five-level alert system. Hurricane John was the eleventh named storm, seventh hurricane, and fifth major hurricane of the 2006 Pacific hurricane season. [7], John's 31-day existence made the hurricane the longest-lasting tropical cyclone recorded in both the Pacific Ocean and worldwide, surpassing both Hurricane Tina's previous record in the Pacific of 24 days in the 1992 season and the 1899 San Ciriaco hurricane's previous world record of 28 days in the 1899 Atlantic season. Hurricane John developed on August 28 from a tropical wave to the south of Mexico. [36] Five people were killed,[1] and damage in Mexico amounted to $663 million (2006 MXN, $60.8 million 2006 USD). Zeta is the 11th tropical storm or hurricane to hit the U.S. this year, an all-time record high for the nation. [8] Deep convection continued to develop over the storm,[9] while an eye feature developed within the expanding central dense overcast. Hurricane Laura, then a tropical storm, already hit Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba before reaching the US. During an eighteen-hour period between August 19 and August 20, John further strengthened from a weak Category 1 hurricane to a Category 3 major hurricane. Shelters were set up to allow local residents and tourists to ride out the storm. [39], Moisture derived from John also produced rainfall across southern New Mexico, peaking at 5.25 inches (133 mm) at Ruidoso. The massive storm hit Louisiana early on Thursday with 150 mile-per-hour (240 kph) winds, damaging buildings, knocking down trees and cutting power to more than 650,000 people in Louisiana and Texas. [3][4] Quickly developing banding features and well-defined outflow, it was upgraded to a tropical storm and named John later that day. [42] In northern Texas, the rainfall alleviated a severe drought,[28] caused the Double Mountain Fork Brazos River to swell and Lake Alan Henry to overflow. St. Croix was largely unscathed during Hurricane Irma, which hit the islands on September 6. [46] Some homeowners lost all they owned. Those who refused to follow the evacuation order would have been forced to evacuate by the army. [49] In the city of Mulegé, gas supply, which was necessary to run generators, was low, drinking water was gone, and the airstrip was covered with mud. [14], Category 5 Pacific hurricane and typhoon in 1994, Hurricane John near peak intensity to the south of, "Hurricane John Preliminary Report (page 1)", Preliminary Report: Hurricane John: August 11 - September 10, 1994, "Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Season of 1994", 10.1175/1520-0493(1996)124<1579:ENPHSO>2.0.CO;2, Tropical Depression Ten-E Discussion Number 1: August 11, 1994 09z, "Hurricane John Preliminary Report (page 2)", "Which tropical cyclone lasted the longest? [28], On September 4, the United States' National Weather Service issued flood watches and warnings for portions of Texas and the southern two-thirds of New Mexico. [1] In addition, John caused heavy rainfall along the western coast of Mexico, peaking at 12.5 inches (317.5 mm) in Los Planes, Jalisco. Hurricane John was the eleventh named storm, seventh hurricane, and fifth major hurricane of the 2006 Pacific hurricane season.Hurricane John developed on August 28 from a tropical wave to the south of Mexico. [10] The storm continued to intensify, and John attained hurricane status on August 29 while 190 miles (305 km) south-southeast of Acapulco. [29] Rainfall from John in El Paso, combined with an unusually wet year, resulted in twice the normal annual rainfall, and caused 2006 to be the ninth wettest year on record by September. [30] Navy helicopters delivered food and water to remote areas of the Baja California peninsula. [2], After entering the central Pacific, John left the area monitored by the NHC and was instead monitored by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC). [44] The rainfall also caused isolated road flooding. [34] In the coastal city of Mulegé, flash flooding caused widespread damage throughout the town and the death of a United States citizen. [1] The rainfall resulted in mudslides in the Costa Chica region of Guerrero, leaving around 70 communities isolated. ... Louisiana Gov. Nonetheless, the 1,100-man personnel for the United States military base on Johnston Atoll had been evacuated to Honolulu as a precaution while John approached. The tropical wave that would become John moved off the coast of Africa on August 17. The storm killed over 20 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Favorable conditions allowed the storm to intensify quickly, and it attained peak winds of 130 mph (210 km/h) on August 30. [32] Throughout the Baja California peninsula, thousands remained without water or electricity two days after the storm,[35] although a pilot from Phoenix prepared to fly to the disaster area with 100 gallons (380 litres) of water. On September 7, a trough moved into the area and quickly moved John to the northeast. ; Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 9 and 10: Hurricane Irma pummeled the Florida Keys late Saturday into Sunday as a Category 4 and hit the Florida mainland as a Category 3 storm around 1 p.m. Eastern time Sunday. John was also only the fourth Category 5 hurricane recorded in the central Pacific (the first was Hurricane Patsy in 1959, the second was Hurricane Emilia and the third one was Hurricane Gilma, both earlier in 1994). [13] Additionally, in the Northern Hemisphere, the strongest winds and heaviest rain lie to the north of a tropical cyclone, so the atoll, which lay to the south of the storm's path, was spared the brunt of the storm. Eyewall replacement cycles and land interaction with western Mexico weakened the hurricane, and John made landfall on southeastern Baja California Sur with winds of 110 mph (175 km/h) on September 1. In coastal portions of western Mexico, strong winds downed trees, while heavy rain resulted in mudslides. Be the first to answer! Friday, Sept. 8: Cuba and the Bahamas: Irma hit as a Category 5 around noon Eastern time. [7] Prior to the storm's arrival, waves between 20 and 30 ft (6.1 and 9.1 m) were reported on the island. [48], Branches of the Mexican Red Cross in Guerrero, Oaxaca and Michoacán were put on alert. On August 27 local time, John reached a secondary peak strength of 135 miles per hour (210 km/h), and shortly thereafter it crossed the International Date Line at approximately 22° N and came under the surveillance of the Guam branch of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). Hurricane John caused moderate damage on the Baja California peninsula, including the destruction of more than 200 houses and thousands of flimsy shacks. The storm brought a plume of warm air, and two stations recorded a high temperature of 66 °F (19 °C). [19] John passed near La Paz as a weakening Category 1 hurricane on September 2,[1] and weakened to a tropical storm shortly thereafter over land. Favorable conditions allowed the storm to intensify quickly, and it attained peak winds of 130 mph (210 km/h) on August 30. By September 1, John had weakened to a tropical storm and was nearly motionless just west of the Date Line. [32] The office of Baja California Sur Tourism stated that minimal damage occurred to the tourism infrastructure, with only minimal delays to airports, roads, and maritime facilities. [4] Early on August 27, the system became much better organized about 250 miles (400 km) south-southwest of Guatemala,[5] although convection remained minimal. (Intensity is measured by minimum central pressure, which correlates with but is not directly linked to wind speeds.) The rainfall overflowed rivers, forcing people to evacuate along the Rio Ruidoso. What countries did hurricane john hit? Several other roads were washed out. On September 1, David hit the Bahamas and, two days later, caused $60 million in damages in Florida.From there, the hurricane skipped up the coastline of the United States. Hurricane Laura was a Category 4 storm when it hit the Gulf Coast. Laura tied with a hurricane from more than 160 years ago for the strongest storm to hit Louisiana. Over the course of its existence, John followed a 7,165-mile (13,280-km) path from the eastern Pacific to the western Pacific and back to the central Pacific, lasting 31 days in total. [8] In addition, despite its slow movement throughout much of its path, John was the farthest-traveling tropical cyclone in both the Pacific Ocean and worldwide, with a distance traveled of 7,165 miles (13,280 km), out-distancing previous record holders Hurricane Fico in the Pacific of 4,700 miles (8,700 km) in the 1978 season and Hurricane Faith worldwide of 6,850 miles (12,700 km) in the 1966 Atlantic season. [47], Timeline of the 2006 Pacific hurricane season, "Tropical Depression Eleven-E Discussion One", "Tropical Depression John Public Advisory 26A", "Hurricane John grows to a Category 4 storm along Mexico's Pacific coast", "Hurricane John Strengthens Off Mexico's Pacific Coast", "Hurricane John Threatens Mexican Riviera", "Mexico orders evacuations as Hurricane John nears", "Remnants of Hurricane John douse El Paso", "Hurricane John's remnants soak southern Texas and New Mexico, flooding roads as storm weakens", "Mexico: Hurricane John Information Bulletin No. [2] However, after eight days of slow westward movement across the Pacific Ocean, shear lessened greatly on August 19, and John intensified significantly and was designated as a hurricane at 17:00 PDT. In California, the rainfall produced eight separate mudslides, trapping 19 vehicles, but caused no injuries. 1", "Hurricane John whips Mexico's Baja, power cut", "200 families say homes destroyed by flooding", "Remnants of John could soak U.S. southwest", "Hurricane John leaves four dead, two missing in Mexico", "Baja towns still without utilities after tropical storm; three dead", "Seis muertos y 2 desaparecidos por las lluvias en Durango y Tamaulipas", "ERD assists people affected by disasters in Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador", "After-Effects of Hurricane John Soak Texas, New Mexico", "Continued rain soaks El Paso, nears record levels", "Hurricane John's remnants soak Texas, New Mexico", "Hurricane leftovers cause minor flooding", "Mexico: Hurricane John Information Bulletin", "Baja California Sur Tourism Infrastructure Fully Operational After Hurricane John", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hurricane_John_(2006)&oldid=969599836, Hurricanes and tropical depressions of the Gulf of California, 2006 natural disasters in the United States, Articles with dead external links from May 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from May 2014, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 July 2020, at 12:22. Other pilots were expected to execute similar flights, as well.

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