why i love america essay contest

Auxiliary 733 Awards Night. 1) Nachos.2) That we have so many people willing to fight tooth and nail for the rights of others. On request, the author shall provide The Epoch Times with a copy of the page of the reprint or derivative work that includes the notices required by this paragraph. These essays are not judged at the national level. I as his immigrant daughter could grow up here and become whatever I wanted truly. In an essay of 500 to 800 words, explain what moves you most about the United States—why you think it is worth defending. It is up to the author to consult the editors of the other publication to make sure that entry in this Competition will not interfere with his/her opportunity for publication in the other publication. You can cancel at any time. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has the right to re-publish the work, and the author must disclose details of prior publication with his or her submission (links or other details if links are not available). Yet I was still struck by the beautiful simplicity of many of your responses. For those entries that are selected as winners and subsequently published by The Epoch Times, if the author reprints, reproduces, or republishes his or her winning Entry in any form, including electronic publication on the internet, the author shall include a notice that the work was a winner in The Epoch Times “Why I Love America” essay contest, specifying the month and year of publication, as well as a URL link to The Epoch Times’ website where the work may be found. Unbridled Evil: The Corrupt Reign of Jiang Zemin in China, Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook, Economic Downturn, Stay-at-Home Orders Amid COVID-19 Outbreak Fuel Overdose Crisis: Experts. I love America because of the freedom that we obtain. America gives us the opportunity not to hide from the things that we believe in. People on the streets who are protesting these days…taking ownership over social justice issues for the betterment of their society. The opening words above were, of course, an excerpt from “The American Crisis,” one of the two seminal works written by Thomas Paine, perhaps the greatest champion of American Idealism who ever lived. 2020 has been, to say the least, a turbulent year for the United States. This includes personalizing content and advertising. This contest is open to students in public, private, and parochial schools, and … Not the America of those who say “love it or leave it,” but to my America, to an America that I would force to say my name, rather than to an America that would force a … I love America because legal marijuana is way more popular here than most politicians are, and in many states we can just put it on the ballot and prove it. The grand prize winner is Nancy Simpson. To this end, The Epoch Times invites you to take part in our “Why I Love America” essay contest. A year’s subscription to The Epoch Times will be awarded to several, select runners up. level. This list is not an exhaustive list of reasons The Epoch Times may disqualify an Entry. And I don’t really know anywhere in the world quite like it. You can read then, verbatim, below. The judging of this contest was not easy. The magic of wandering around New York City with nowhere in particular to go. Because it’s geographically diverse and beautiful. The Epoch Times shall use and take care of any personal information entrants supply to it as described in its privacy policy, a copy of which can be seen at. Malinda Shaw, Hoover Elementary School, parents are Rich and Beth Each party hereby irrevocably consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of any state or federal court located within New York County, in the State of New York, in connection with any matter arising out of these Terms & Conditions. This was all well and good. I love that the states have the power to challenge the federal government. Brandon Huegli, Roosevelt Elementary School, mother is Cindy Hoy; Such is the absurdity of our times. Immigrants’ stories about why they’ve come here. Make the judges feel that America is worth celebrating. out of office. On display is the painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanual Luetze, which commemorates General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River with the Continental Army on the night of Dec. 25–26, 1776. I love our land. America is not a utopia. Tune in to see the Award episode on the All American Freedom Awards, every Sunday at 11am on ABC-7. “These are the times that try men’s souls: the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”. Among other things, I love it for our rivers and lakes and oceans and mountains. country! Creativity isn’t limited to Burning Man and a $500-a-ticket Broadway musical. People seek America still, ironically more possessed of the wonders of the American Ideal than perhaps many Americans who have blindly enjoyed them for their entire lives. Entrants have the right to access, review, rectify, or cancel any personal data held by The Epoch Times by writing to. 3) You can post this very status.4) Ben and Jerry’s. in America’s public schools. level ($10) and his essay is currently being judged at the state I love the beautiful natural landscapes from sea to shining sea. By entering the Competition, entrants remain the owner of the copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Entry, but their entry grants, without any compensation, to The Epoch Times an irrevocable, perpetual, world-wide non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, display, publish, and create derivative works of the submitted works, including translation into other languages, along with a name credit, either in connection with the Competition and promotion of the Competition or under other circumstances, and in any media now and hereafter known, including but not limited to: publication both online and offline; publication on the website of the project and social media; publication in CD-ROM format; publication in print media, and publication in any other medium, whether presently existing or not. Because even when we elect someone crazy, there are systems in place to prevent a total meltdown.

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