wilson staff infinite west loop putter review

Maybe my putting just isn’t good enough for the extra $$ of the ER2. Golf Reviews Guide provides honest analysis of courses worldwide, information on the best golf destinations to visit, reviews the latest products and golf equipment and up to the minute golf news from the tours. Despite the data MyGolfSpy regularly bombards you with, and despite proven groove technology in putters from PING, Evnroll, and others, plenty of golfers still insist on one fundamentally flawed assertion and one value judgment: Many golfers still hold these to be self-evident truths, completely disregarding data that suggests otherwise. The curved back means those lines are longer and may be beneficial for those who struggle with alignment. Bought a FlatCat grip for $25 and have never putted better. The changes from the previous line are almost entirely cosmetic (but badly needed), and the bottom line is an intriguing option for the budget-conscious golfer. Wilson Golf has it going on again! Remember the Fybrid? Beyond the lines, each putter has a grey smoke PVD finish which is both glare-reducing and durable. They cleaned it up nicely, but 3 mallets and 3 Blades options… and the 3 sight lines… I feel like they missed the mark with the designs they opted for. Along with great milking and aesthetics, it has a quality grip and wonderful feel. The Infinites featured skinny, middling and fat Anser-type blades, a couple of mid-mallets and three full mallets, including a center-shafted model Padraig Harrington used to win the Honda Classic in 2015. All Rights Reserved.. So, thank you Wilson for reasonable pricing for decent quality equipment. Thanks Mr. Karsten, you’ve saved me a lot of money over the years. It wasn’t expensive when it was new, and Ned picked it up used for about 10 bucks. The performance is very similar to the Bean, but the style of putter will be the reason you opt for the Bucktown of its sister model, if you like fang teeth designs. If you’re thinking around $100.00, you may want to take a look at Wilson Staff’s upgraded Infinite line. RRP: £95. Back in the day, I played with one of those brass double sided putters, remember those? Make no mistake: unless there’s something Wilson isn’t telling us, these new Infinites are the same as the old Infinites, in a much nicer looking package. Until that I’ll keep rocking the SR500 and the WS SS. If good enough really is good enough, will you be trying a $99.00 putter? Thank you for the review. The Windy City is a traditional design blade putter and is incredibly attractive with a stunning black head. Additionally, I like the fact players who don’t want the counter balancing can simply change the grip to get a traditional feel. etc. If so what material, zinc? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), Wilson Staff D9 Driver Hits USGA Conforming List, Sub 70 Golf, Jason Hiland and The World Wide Web. The value is amazing, but if they just released a anser 2 design with a plumbers neck, with a thin blade design, I’d pick one up today. The Bean is a full mallet that could help golfers struggling on the greens by develop confidence over the ball. I am glad to see wilson getting back in the mix. And even though it’s subjective, there is a bit of a feel difference between the Wilsons and, say, a Bettinardi, but $300 worth of difference? Is it a casting? Ned gamed a very old Wilson putter. The second update is adding a large, heavy, counterbalanced grip. Wilson Staff Infinite The Bean Putter Review: You should... Read more. These are good looking, classic putters with great feel and solid performance. Ping still makes the original 1-A. Wilson is still offering the 8802 – they tell me there’s no chance of it going away anytime soon. If you need more lines to help your aim, these putters are for you. The Lake Shore putter that I tested delivered exactly what you want from a milled putter: solid feel with excellent feedback. I like it and it plays well for me. The Lake Shore, shown here, is a PING Zing style putter that has a plumbers neck, as does the Windy City (Anser-style). Courtesy For the fourth installment of ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 17 new putters to help you find the right one for your game. The rest of the changes are, quite frankly, cosmetic. Okay, maybe the dress and bag are imitations, but it’s an infinitely better look. Measures 34. etc. Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. I’ve owned them all. OG- the Southside is a small-ish mallet, but all I see from up top is a blade putter, reminiscent of a bull’s-eye and the like, the flange seems to disappear…. Required fields are marked *. I used to work with a guy named Ned. But give Wilson credit, the old girls do look pretty sharp in their new outfits. “Couldn’t putt worth a damn with it. Think Wilson Staff irons for 40+ years. What a dream this is. Both small mallets and both really easy score with! Wilson of all companies should always make one of those if they are doing a putter line. Good enough is an interesting concept when it comes to putters. Another blade option in the Infinite range, the Michigan Ave has the larger head of the options. The one I can align the best and get started on the correct line is an $80 odyssey (hint: it’s a Master’s winner and was used to shoot 58). I was using the Wind City (anser style) cut down to 33.5 for 2 years, great feel with the milled face. The entire line had an industrial, utilitarian look and feel to it, with lots of steel gray and white. The third of the blade options in the range, don’t let the West Loop name thing this is a rounded club head. I want to see the view looking down as if I am playing the club. The original Infinite line featured industrial-looking smoked-gray heads with an overly busy alignment aid – three white lines separated by two black lines. To the Indian or the arrow question I answer: both. I now have 6 putters. Did they just use marketing data from their sales or from a 3rd party? It isn’t, it’s a large blade head. Regardless of performance, however, a three-year product cycle might suggest that putters remain a bit of an afterthought for Wilson. A slightly curved sole may not be to everyone’s liking, but what will be are the sight lines. First introduced in 2015, Wilson Staff’s $99.00 Infinite line was as bare bones and straightforward as you can get – essentially Wilson’s milled-face take on popular putter designs. If you're in the market for a new premium putter that is at least half the price of the rest of the mallet market, look no further than the Wilson Infinite Bucktown putter. The Wilson Staff Infinite putters are the exception. When is the 2021 Open Championship taking place. The neck-bend hosel design doesn’t make it easy to get the club head square on impact immediately, and that may put some off from buying the Bean model, but it allows more of putter head to be visible. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, GolfReviewsGuide.com earns from qualifying purchases. With a tour-quality ball, the feel at impact is firm without being harsh. 3. Unfortunately it didn’t convert to golf. Sound familiar?) The Wilson Staff Infinite putterseries has six classic head shapes with milled faces, counterbalancing, and oversized grips. The soles had chrome strips and a ton of branding,  and the whole thing looked slapped together. Padraig Harrington made the switch to the South Side model and picked up a W at the 2015 Honda Classic to add to his 2014 Indonesia Open title. Thanks. The following two tabs change content below. I have been practicing in the basement with a putter I haven’t used in years and am not missing ANYTHING. The Wilson staff infinite west loop putter is a great looking putter. Both from barrel at about $10 ea. Again, the three sight lines and horizontal aid are in place on this mostly square edged version which offers confidence due to its larger head. The new Infinites are available at retail and on Wilson’s website beginning today, with all models priced at $99.00. The alignment lines are cleaner – the contrasting black lines are gone, leaving just three white lines to frame the ball. “I used to have a Scotty,” he told me. In fact, I’ve used plenty of putters that cost double or triple that don’t feel as good. These heavier weights are in keeping with the modern trend toward more weight and more stability. they had horrible clubs when i was a kid. unfortunately i really wanted wilson to be great because i have a bunch of there tennis racquets. Wilson Infinite West Loop Putter Review The third of the blade options in the range, don’t let the West Loop name thing this is a rounded club head. Another mallet and one with a unique putter head design. Personally desgined in Chicago…..thats a turn off….Made in USA is better. The choice of Wilson Staff tour star Padraig Harrington and a putter he used to claim PGA Tour victories. Just picked up a SouthSide model with a GolfPride Tour SNSR grip. The feedback, particularly in terms of sound, is really precise. I’m glad OEM’s like WiIson are keeping the pricing reasonable. The sub-$100 milled putter movement (is it a movement? Has the stock oversize grip. Copyright 2020. An Indian can only shoot accurately with good arrows. what the hell cheap enough if it doesnt work it can join the others. Sorry MYGolfSpy, but looks and feel ARE the most important factor for many of us. Comes with leather cover pictured. Ben Hogan GS53 MAX Driver is More Forgiving. Are cast putters worse than milled ones? Technology does make a difference – but its impact is capped by the skill level of the user. At 104 grams, it’s a heavy grip, and it gives you a nice, counter-balanced feel for a smoother stroke. They were cast with a milled face I believe. Ned’s been retired for a while, but he had this down-home, folksy way of letting you know he’d been there and done that, especially if you hadn’t. Wilson Staff Model CB Irons – A Four-Year Project. Each putter comes with a 104 gram grip which moves the balance point closer to the hands.

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