wolf creek dam water release schedule

These releases occur in either one- or two-unit increments of 435 cfs per unit. However, if the lake gets higher or lower, the generators can become more or less efficient and can generate different amounts. Fly anglers should try beadhead pheasant nymphs or smaller midge patterns for summer rainbows. (84’s) will be covered in an upcoming second post. Wolf Creek Dam & Hydropower. The upper portion of the reservoir containing 2,094,000 acre-feet of area, is used to hold floodwaters which would otherwise cause flooding downstream. While in the water, if you feel a sudden surge of colder water, notice a light fog forming, or see an increase in leaves or other debris in or on the water, these are likely signs of a surge of cold water through the dam and corresponding rising water levels. However, such floods occur infrequently, and the levels resulting from minor floods and power operations do not seriously interfere with most recreational activities. Anglers should know this shoal is one of the most productive rainbow trout fishing spots on the Cumberland River. I’ll tackle this in two separate posts. Each sluice gate is basically a 6’x4’ concrete opening that when in use is capable of releasing approximately 1,500 CFS. Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. The sluice gates are usually only used in late summer/early fall to supplement turbine releases with a higher dissolved oxygen concentration, or when generators are down for maintenance. This project is going to be in the spotlight without question. While current conditions can be determined with some reliability, trying to guess upcoming generation patterns is an inexact science at best. Use the “Estimated Water Arrival Time” link in conjunction with these others to estimate when the water that flows through the dam at any given time is likely to arrive at various points downstream. Wolf Creek Dam last discharged water at a rate of 35,000 cfs in March and April of 1997. You will notice that peak generation at Wolf Creek Dam often coincides with when you would expect peak power use which is typically mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Anglers working the rocky edge of the flowing shoals and pools score on a mixture of rainbow and brown trout. For Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources latest COVID-19 updates, Frequently Asked Questions Summer Conservation Camp, Help Support Salato and Wildlife Conservation in Kentucky, Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3). Green River Flows & Release Schedule. Summer lake levels  are now back to normal and you can expect the TVA to operate with a “normal” schedule and generate electricity during high demand periods of the day. Discharges are in cubic feet per second and are reported at the end of the hour. The river is also home to walleye, sauger and oversized striped bass. There are wading possibilities on the river, however there aren’t many. One of the questions I receive most often is 'How do I interpret the TVA Generation Preschedule on the Cumberland River’? How to get almost anywhere on the Cumberland River . It’s important to note that two of these sluice gates have restrictor plates which reduce the opening size of the gate in turn restricting flow. Unfortunately, the current single generator output is not listed on the preschedule but knowing that it will be between 35-55 per unit, it’s usually pretty easy to decipher. Access to flow data since the sale of the dam from Duke Power to Northbrook Energy has been unreliable. This section includes the hatchery creek outflow, a good place to fish. So, if you look at the preschedule the night before your visit to the river you can quickly determine how much water should flowing down the river the following day of your visit. It updates every 2 minutes. This schedule is subject to change at any time due to changing electrical demand, weather conditions and lake levels. Boaters may also call (606) 678-8697 for current information. The Rockhouse also serves as the put-in for the next section of river. Wolf Creek Powerhouse phone:         270-343-0153. Excellent rainbow trout fishing runs all through this stretch of the Cumberland River. Call the Wolf Creek Dam for current information. These rocks served as signposts for boat pilots back during the steamboat era. Pay attention to what time zone you are in and don’t be a victim of confusion concerning time zones. I’ve been on the river several times over the years where this has happened. Look for a cable that goes across the Cumberland River. When will the water get there after generation starts? In this section, the river is a series of shoals and long pools. You can also call TVA fishing information at 1-800-238-2264 then option 4 for water release schedules then 34 for Wolf Creek Dam. The Cumberland will be a different river in 3-5 years and the quality of trout will show it. The COE / TVA can come up with some dandy preschedules. Near the end of this section, floaters will see the river take a hard left turn at a high bluff. Data last updated Thu 11/5 at 12:22:24 PM. With two generators running a drift boat or any other boat is floating too quickly to properly focus on fishing lies. This cable indicates the take-out downstream to the right. Old man winter may have dug his heels in for a while longer, but warm weather is on the way. Mix it up and experiment with down and across swings, two handed stripping retrieves, and tandem rigs. Of the remaining 3,995,000 acre-feet of reservoir capacity, 2,142,000 acre-feet, corresponding to a drawdown of 50 feet, is allocated specifically for power operation, leaving a minimum pool of at least 1,853,000 acre-feet available at all times for public use and conservation purposes. Don't get greedy. River flows and release schedule for the Tuxedo Hydro Station in Saluda, North Carolina. As many of you are aware, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently completed a long-term repair project on a critical seepage problem with the Wolf Creek Dam. A common float is to put in at Winfrey’s Ferry and navigate upstream to Helms Landing. To me it’s obvious that with the completion of the Hatchery Creek project the Cumberland River is entering a new phase of life. Smaller suspending jerkbaits work as well. During the Tuxedo maintenance period, the following correlation may be useful. This information is found elsewhere such as in the Project Operations Report (84’s). River flows and release schedule for the Tuxedo Hydro Station in Saluda, North Carolina. GIve us a call, Facebook message, or e-mail to schedule you trip! Available for iPhone and Android devices. If you are close to the dam and a sluice gate is open you will see the unmistakable resulting 50-70 foot column of water being thrown in to the air below the dam. The Long Range Forecast will give you planned average release rates for 10 days. As of today the grand opening is slated for April 29th. Floaters who wish to fish hard without a lengthy shuttle may launch at the Kendall Recreation Area ramp, located off U.S. 127 below the dam. Wading staffs are invaluable as a means of probing ahead and avoiding stepping into water that’s deeper and swifter than anticipated. The links along the  right side of this page will direct you to several good sources for this information.

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