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Who is Zion Williamson currently Dating? pic.twitter.com/A4n4V7e1WQ, — Nigel Dixon??‍♂️? Next up, let’s examine the social media evidence. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. “It was dope meeting a Disney ⭐️, thanks for supporting the Blue Devils,” he wrote in the post’s caption. Your email address will not be published. She was a junior at the time, while he was a senior. The speculation about White cropped up when the two went to prom together while students at Spartanburg Day High School. (@706NIGEL) June 19, 2019. College Basketball sensation Zion Williamson got caught up, by a White girl. His work has been published on Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, AOL and the Washington Post. Duke, meanwhile, is a private research school in Durham, North Carolina, that was founded in 1838. Man Tries To Rob UFC Champ Jon Jones, Pays The Price (Video), Kate Upton, Justin Verlander Reveal Halloween Costumes (Photos), Dwight Howard Exposed By 12-Year-Old Son (Photos). Zion the son of former Livingston College’s defensive lineman Lateef Williamson and sprinter Sharonda Sampson was born on July 7, 200, in Salisbury, North Carolina. Powered by. Zion Williamson Girlfriend: Is Duke Star Still Dating Tiana White? Unfortunately, in recent months, communication between the pair has been sparse, to say the least, leaving many to wonder if they are still together. Required fields are marked *. Zion said to the girl in one of the parched messages, "I have a … Naturally, whenever an athlete sets himself up to become a huge star and receive a big payday, people began to ask to the obvious question: is he involved with anyone? At the time, per the Spartanburg Day School’s own website, White participated on the cheerleading team, the volleyball team and the track and field team. Much like her high school, Wofford too resides in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Will 49ers Trade Jimmy Garoppolo To Bears Or Patriots? Vanessa Bryant’s Halloween Costume Goes Viral (Photo), Rajon Rondo Is Enjoying His NBA Offseason (Video). Probably No. If they were together during his one year at Duke, they would’ve been doing long distance, as Durham and Spartanburg are about a 3.5-hour drive apart. It is unclear whether their love of athletics is what brought the duo together – but they were definitely linked at that point. 1 NBA Draft pick Zion Williamson with his prom date Tiana White in 2018. Tiana White was his date for prom, where he was crowned prom king, Tiana will graduate in 2019, from SDS. For months, the rumored apple of his eye has been Tiana White. According to our records, he has no children. In addition, the last post with White and Williamson together has since been deleted. She is not in any of his Instagram or Twitter posts, which could be about him keeping their lives as private as possible. Her Instagram account is private. Wofford is also in Spartanburg, and would be a nearly 10-hour drive from New Orleans. This would not be a big deal if not for some screenshots that show that at one point he was in fact a follower. Williamson has kept White off any and all of his accounts, including Instagram and Twitter. Some of the discussion in the wee hours before tonight in Brooklyn center on the Pelicans pairing the 6-foot-9 athlete with former Duke teammate R.J. Barrett. No matter what, though, it is highly expected that Williamson goes first, which means a guaranteed 2-year, $20 million contract per Spotrac. Zion Williamson is single. Girl Who Hooked Up With 7 NBA Players Releasing ‘Suns Video’? Since there is no confirmation about their alleged relationship perhaps you can tell you are these two dating or not? Williamson joking asked, “Do I?” to which White replied: “If you say no, you no longer do.”. What's their status now that their relationship has been long distance? At the moment, Williamson is not a follower of White’s on Twitter. Zion Williamson has long been rumored to be dating high school sweetheart Tiana White. They posed for a picture above in February of this year. She starting poking him after a user asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he remained coy about it with poking and prodding back. College Basketball Duke Duke Blue Devils NBA New Orleans Pelicans Pelicans Zion Williamson Zion Williamson girlfriend Carlos Garcia July 4, 2019 Facebook Twitter Reddit WhatsApp Telegram Share via Email Zion Williamson has not been previously engaged. It was dope meeting a Disney ⭐️, thanks for supporting the Blue Devils @peytonlist, A post shared by Zion Williamson (@zionwilliamson) on Feb 17, 2019 at 4:18pm PST. 1 pick in the NBA Draft. The two were on Instagram Live and someone asked Williamson if he had a girlfriend. Zion Williamson has long been rumored to be dating high school sweetheart Tiana White. The last time the pair was linked on social media was back in January of 2018, when the two were still students Spartanburg. Zion had at least 1 relationship in the past. Zion Williamson Girlfriend: Is Pelicans Star Dating Tiana White? Tiana is his high school sweetheart and the couple has been dating each other since their early college days. Williamson, the six foot nine star who dazzled hoops fans all over the glove ever since his lone standout season with the Duke Blue Devils in 2018-19, reportedly inked a deal for two years worth roughly $20 million over two years. New Orleans is roughly a 10-hour drive away from South Carolina. The bad news is that because Williamson was so good, he selected first overall by the Pelicans in this year’s draft. Let’s try to put together some pieces to this puzzle. ZION WILLIAMSON his high school sweetheart and girlfriend TIANA WHITE. He’s originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Aged 18 and unmarried till date, Zion Williamson, however, is dating his girlfriend Tiana White. No one knows. So given the lack of social media evidence and how far apart Williamson and White are, it would appear that the two are not together. There could be a myriad of reasons for this, but the fact remains that she is nowhere to be found on his most prominent accounts. For the time being, the speculation will continue on Williamson’s dating life until he makes a public appearance with White, or someone else special. The good news for all involved is that Williamson only spent one season at Duke before moving on. He has been credentialed to cover MLS, NBA and MLB games all over the United States. This would be less of a problem if White went somewhere closer to New Orleans for school, unfortunately, according to her social media, she went to Wofford College. Learn how your comment data is processed. Williamson is not following White on Twitter, and screenshots show that they were previously following each other. Between the distance and his professional aspirations, it would make sense if the couple were at least on a break. Zion Williamson is mere hours away from very likely being the No. in a public breakup with former flame Cameron Monaghan. He attended Spartanburg High Schoo, prior to committing to play with the Duke Blue Devils. While our own Jonathan Adams stated that they appear just to be friends, she had recently been in a public breakup with former flame Cameron Monaghan. Is Bronny James Dating An Instagram Model? Marianela Oroño- Spurs Manu Ginobili's Wife, 7 Facts About Rasual Butler’s Wife Leah LaBelle, Amy Miller Arizona Wildcats Sean Miller's Wife, Meet Isiah Thomas' Wife Lynn Kendall Thomas. According to reports, the two went to a prom date together. Meanwhile, White’s Instagram is private – so who knows what is going on there. “If you say no, you no longer do,” she retorted. Spartanburg Day School, as Game 7 previously reported, is located in South Carolina. Why the change? Beyond that, the team also has the option on Williamson to extend that deal in his third and fourth seasons, resulting in earnings of approximately $45 million when all is said and done in 2022-23. Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. And since Williamson has not been publicly linked with anyone else since high school, it seems to indicate that he is in fact single. In the months leading up to the NBA draft, word on the interwebs was that Williamson was involved with a beautiful young lady named Tiana White. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends in Sports, January 21, 2020 by fabwag Leave a Comment. (Photos), Danny Green Reacts Bluntly To Lakers Trade Rumors, Bill Belichick, Patriots Taunted By Other NFL Coaches, Execs. Zion Williamson Ex-Girlfriend Tiana White: His High School Sweetheart The NBA prodigy reportedly dated a girl named Tiana White. This pretty young gal is Tiana White; a little birdie suggested she is the lucky girl dating college basketball star Zion Williamson, the 6’7″ small forward for New Orleans Pelicans who previously played for the Blue Devils at Duke University. He is not dating anyone currently. So we have established that the pair is very far away from each other. Filed Under: Basketball Tagged With: New Orleans Pelicans wags, Your email address will not be published. Spartanburg is located in South Carolina outside of Greenville. Her Instagram page states that she is attending Wofford College as a part of the class of 2023. Here is what we know for certain: Williamson and White were definitely together while the former was at Spartanburg Day High School in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Who is Zion Williamson’s girlfriend? The long distance is one thing, but White is a complete non-presence on Williamson’s social media. What's their status now that their relationship has been long distance? In fact, the last woman to appear on his Instagram was Disney Channel actress Peyton List. That is the question that has been on the minds of many NBA fans ever since the New Orleans Pelicans selected Williamson with the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Twitter Tiana White she is the rumored girlfriend of college basketball star Zion Williamson, the 6'7" small forward for the Blue Devils at Duke University. Zion Williamson: Girlfriend, Dating, Family & Friends Zion Williamson is dating his schoolmate and cheerleader Tiana White since 2018. The two appeared on Instagram Live in Jan. 2018 while both were students at Spartanburg. A longtime sports reporter, Carlos Garcia has written about some of the biggest and most notable athletic events of the last 5 years. Because of the one year age gap between Williamson and White, it is unclear what their relationship became when he left high school to join Mike Krzyzewski and become a Blue Devil. According to the Spartanburg Day School’s website, she was a member of the cheerleading squad, as well as volleyball and track and field teams. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The lovebirds apparently went to the same high school, Spartanburg Day High School. Required fields are marked *. He had a very successful freshman campaign which resulted in him becoming the most sought after young player in the NBA draft. Zion Williamson’s Girlfriend. ❤️#LoveAndBasketball ? You can also subscribe without commenting. Your email address will not be published. The pair went to prom together when Williamson was a senior and White was a junior. Zion reportedly started sending THIRST DMs to the girl, and she screenshot the messages, and released them to her friends online. The two schools are nearly four hours apart if you are driving, which would make an in-person relationship difficult. So what about Zion’s better half? With long distance separating them in college, as well as radio silence on social media, that status is very much in the air.

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