Windows 7 64bit and iTunes 9.02 sync problems

Do you have Windows 7? Perhaps the 64 bits version? Do you have an iPhone, iPod?

Do the following things happen when you try to sinc with iTunes?

– your iphone stops saying it is synchronizing, but iTunes still thinks it is.
– your computer becomes very slow, so slow you actually have to restart it in order to
do your daily things again.
– synchronisation works fine only for Contacts or Calendar items.
“heavier” stuff (ie photo’s or
music) causes the symptoms above.

Don’t worry: You are not alone.

In fact many others have been suffering from the same issue. But, there is hope.

I have tried several ‘solutions’: An XML trick, tweaking your power manager, lowering your max ram or disabling your “standard enhanced pci to usb” device. But I was still not satisfied with the ‘fix’ or ‘workaround’.

The first 2 only work temporarily, or not at all. The 3rd is not desirable, I had installed Win 7 64 bits, so I could use all my 4 GB of RAM.

The last one though works ok, but it disables your USB 2.0 support and thus makes synchronisation very very slow.

I figured that since this seemed to be related to  the USB ports (ie, the last ‘fix’ worked), I dug into Win 7 64 bits USB port related problems. I had found this particular problem. It kind of had the same symptoms, and I found some saying it also infected the iPhone/iPod synchronisation. And, the best news is:

Microsoft have brought up a hot fix to solve this issue

I have tested this fix (just like I did with all the others I have described) and I am glad to say that it works!

If you cannot find it, try this . It has some unofficial download links that may work for you.

I hope it  helps you out, it sure did for me.


  1. You, sir, are a saint. This has been giving me headaches since I upgraded to Win7 x64 on the weekend… I’ll try the fix tonight and hopefully it’ll solve things!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks – The hotfix sorted connections and syncing to my ipods and makes my iphone more stable. However itunes still sticks at syncing with the iphone. I just manually cancel sync and eject but itunes doesn’t crash anymore!



  3. just install the XP mode, run it in Virtual PC enviroment, install Itunes 32bit and there you go.. :))

  4. I am running Windows 7 64-bit, Office 2007, iTunes 64-bit version 9. itunes says it is syncing calendars and contacts but it’s not changing anything in Outlook 2007. The box has an Intel 965 chipset so I don’t think the nVidia fix will work for me, plus I can access the iphone perfectly through windows explorer and copy files. Only the syncing calendar and contacts fails.

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